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Study highlights racial inequality in job market

INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS The decline of skilled employment for black Africans points to the difficulties they experience in obtaining something their white counterparts take for granted a fair chance. Picture: Cindy Waxa Johannesburg - A youth employment and skills report from Stats SA caused consternation this week when it suggested, according to media reports, that black youth had lagged behind on “skills acquisition” since 1994. But closer reading of the report gives a more complex picture than the week’s headlines, which even claimed black youth had “regressed” on skills in post-apartheid South Africa. These supposed findings from Stats SA have since become a political football between the opposition DA, which threatened to submit its own Youth Employment Plan to the Presidency, and Buti Manamela, the deputy minister in charge of youth affairs there. According to Stats SA, there has been an overall improvement in the proportion of skilled employment for South African youth across the board, but the gains have been racially uneven. Among white youth, skilled employment grew by 19.3 percentage points, reaching 61.5 percent this year(from 42 percent in 1994). Indian and Asian youth underwent the largest rise (25.5 percentage points), moving from 22.5 to 50.7 percent. Among coloured youth, skilled employment rose from 10 to 22.5 percent. The lowest increase in skilled workers occurred among black African youth, moving from 15 to 18 percent be...  

Cyclist catches police officer 'using her mobile phone at the wheel'

Using your phone while driving leads to slower reaction times than drink driving. Someone may need to have a chat with this officer who appears to be using her mobile while at the wheel of a police van. She was caught on camera by cyclist Junaid McClymont, 24, whose video appears to show her holding the phone to her mouth. The footage was captured at a set of traffic lights in Hackney, East London, but despite the vehicle being stopped it is still an offence to use a handheld device while in control of a vehicle. Mr McClymont catches up with the van and as he pulls up alongside, the officer appears to have a phone in her hand and she lowers it onto her lap out of view. The police woman can be seen holding a black object in her left hand, believed to be her mobile phone (Picture: YouTube) He takes the officer with the Metropolitan Police Service to task saying: ‘I just caught you on your phone while driving.’ The officer appears to respond saying: ‘I’m not on the phone am I?’ A Met spokesman said: ‘The majority of police personnel in Hackney borough work extremely hard and to the highest standards of professionalism to keep our communities safe. ‘When officers or staff fall short of these high standards, it is absolutely right that it is brought to our attention. ‘Senior officers at Hackney have been made aware of this particular incident and will take the appropriate action.’ ...  

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Which one should you buy?

When console giants battle it out, you the gamer has to make the hard decisions. In just a few days the Xbox One will be launched in India, sold exclusively on Amazon India. The launch comes nine months after the Playstation 4 started selling here, giving Sony a headstart. Confused between the two options? We help you with that decision. Specifications This time around, both consoles have similar technology under the hood. The PlayStation 4 has a 1.6GHz custom x86 8-core processor, very similar to the Xbox One's 8-core CPU at 1.75GHz; both use AMD's Jaguar architecture. What makes a big difference, as always, is the RAM. While both have 8GB RAM, the PlayStation 4 has faster GDDR5 RAM clocked at 5500MHz with a 256-bit memory bus. On the other hand, Xbox One has 8GB DDR3 RAM, like the one you have in your PC, clocked at 2133MHz. The numbers do seem to tip in the PlayStation 4's favour. Winner: PlayStation 4, with powerful RAM Graphics What's gaming without great graphics. While both systems use the same AMD Radeon GPU, a lot of reputable sources have dissected both Xbox One and Playstation 4 to find the Sony console packing a lot more GPU power with 1152 GPU cores at 800MHz as compared to Xbox One's 768 shader cores and at 852MHz (which Microsoft revised from 800MHz). Couple PS4's core superiority with the GDDR5 RAM above and there's a lot more power in there for new technologies to take advantage of. While all games will look impressive on both consoles, in the long term, as ...  

Vandrevala Foundation to improve mental health in India, world's suicide capital

Following the report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), revealing that India is the suicide leader of the world, the Vandrevala Foundation, whose charitable activities include mental health care, has submitted a comprehensive plan to the Maharashtra government aimed at improving services in mental health institutions in the state.  According to the Foundation, India has 43 mental health hospitals, all established before 1947 and many of them so abysmal that people with mental illness don’t seek help at such places. So, the Foundation’s proposal to the Maharashtra government is a first step to correct this state of affairs. The WHO report estimated that out of 804,000 suicides worldwide in 2012, over 258,000 of them were in India – 99,997 women and 158,098 men – with the highest rate being seen among Indians aged 15 to 29. India’s suicide rate was 21.1 per 100,000 people, according to the report. The Foundation was not surprised by the WHO report. In a statement issued in London, Arun John, Executive Vice President of the Foundation, said: ‘Our counsellors are on the front lines of suicide prevention, so they know all too well what’s going on out there.’ It has also entered into an agreement with the Directorate General of Shipping in India to serve as the official mental health helpline for Indian sailors around the globe and their families.  The Vandrevala Foundation, established by a London-...  

Italian Paper Talk: 'Always Tevez!' As Argentine Sinks AC Milan

Carlos Tevez Juventus. Allegri 'takes revenge' as Juve send strong signal to Scudetto rivals… All the latest headlines from the newspapers in Italy as Carlos Tevez scores the decisive goal to hand Juventus victory over AC Milan at San Siro on Saturday.  

Fabio: We were so frustrated by start

Fabio Borini shared the Liverpool squad's frustration with the shipping of two early goals at Upton Park that punished the visitors en route to suffering a 3-1 defeat against West Ham United. The Reds found themselves behind within 120 seconds, Winston Reid taking full advantage of a set-piece being nodded across the six-yard box by James Tomkins to convert from close range. Barely seven minutes were on the clock when the Londoners' lead was doubled courtesy of exquisite technique by Diafra Sakho to lift a dinked lob over Simon Mignolet and into the net from the right flank. A rocket volley from Raheem Sterling hauled Brendan Rodgers' charges back into contention in the opening period but it was the Hammers who nevertheless took all three points, sealing the win through Morgan Amalfitano late on. "When we conceded two goals at the beginning, afterwards you need to chase the opponents and it's not easy to chase," Borini explained to post-match. "It was frustrating to be 2-0 down but the most frustrating thing is not to get back into the game and then concede another goal, to lose 3-1. "We were always up for the three points - that's what we aim for every week - so that was most disappointing." Rodgers had handed the Italian forward a first appearance from the start of the new campaign, alongside compatriot Mario Balotelli for the clash in the capital. On a personal level, the No.29 was buoyed by the reward of playing time for his perseverance and hopes to have ...  

GPs 'need help with blood cancers'

Family doctors need to be able to spot more cases of blood cancer at an earlier stage, a charity has said. GPs need better knowledge of blood cancers such as leukaemia so they can help diagnose patients when their cancer is at an earlier stage, Leukaemia Care said. More than half of patients with the condition are only diagnosed after they have gone to hospital as an emergency case, the charity said. This often means that their cancer is at a more advanced stage and can be harder to treat. It also said that many members of the general public do not know the signs and symptoms of blood cancers. This can mean p atients end up going to the doctors many times with different problems before their cancer is spotted. A poll conducted by the charity found almost two in three of 2,000 Britons surveyed were not able to identify symptoms of blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The charity said it is easier to diagnose blood cancers if the symptoms appear in clusters such as persistent fatigue, night sweats, joint pain, bruising and recurrent infections. But in the earlier stages of the illness, only one or two of these symptoms may be present. It has launched a new online tool for GPs to help them raise their awareness of blood cancers. "Blood cancer is an incredibly difficult illness to recognise, as our research shows," said Esther Wroughton, care director at the charity. "Many people just don't connect all the symptoms and end up going to the doctor's many times wit...  

Be aware of your skin

Itchy rash, oozing sores, scaly skin? These are just a few of the many symptoms of the more than 3000 kinds of skin disorders. Some are temporary, easily treated; others can persist for a lifetime and cause chronic symptoms, disability and emotional distress. Some skin conditions – such as melanoma – can even be deadly. What does the skin do? The skin forms a protective barrier for the body and guards against moisture, debris and UV rays from the sun. Cuts and open wounds on the skin may allow pathogenic organisms into the body, which can cause infection. The skin contains oil glands that secrete sebum, a substance that helps moisturise the skin. Skin houses sweat glands that help keep the body cool. Nerves in the skin relay information about pain, temperature and other sensations to the brain. Blood vessels and hair follicles are also found in the skin. Skin problems are some of the most common reasons people visit a primary care physician. Some conditions arise directly from the skin (for example, dermatitis, ringworm or rosacea). Other non-dermatologic conditions (for example, herpes simplex virus or the human papilloma virus) have symptoms that manifest on the skin. Symptoms of skin disorders There are thousands of skin disorders that vary in their signs and symptoms. Common signs and symptoms may include: • Blisters • Rashes • Boils • Bruises • Bumps • Burning • Dry skin • Flesh-coloured growt...  

Years of dental hell leave Liverpool woman's mouth looking like a "oral bombsite"

A WOMAN whose teeth were virtually ALL obliterated because of alleged botched dentistry had to re-mortgage her house to raise the £30,000 to fix them. Rose Devereux now fears losing her home after years of treatment which left her mouth looking like an ‘oral bombsite.’ When the dental practice manager studied the mess, he admitted: “I’ve got 22 years experience in this profession, but I wouldn’t know where to start with this.” Dentist Janakan Siva is being investigated by the General Dentistry Council (GDC) and was also subject to a probe by NHS England. Rose Devereux, from Liverpool who needs to have severe extensive dental work, after a dentist from the Menlove Dental Practice, in Allerton Liverpool has allegedly ruined her teeth and gums. Pictured here is a close up of Rose's teeth before the major surgery. These alarming pictures of 49-year-old Rose’s mouth reveal a bottom row of teeth virtually destroyed by terrible gum disease and crowns covering a similar story of dental disaster on the top row. Social worker Rose had all her lower teeth removed and needed bone grafts as she obliviously remained with the same dentist for eight years. The married mother-of-three suffered 50 per cent bone loss, because of untreated gum disease, wrongly placed implants, and teeth left fractured in half. Rose also suffered potentially-associated other health problems, with constant hip pain, splitting headaches and severe mobility diff...  

Oceania may join Asian Olympic family

INCHEON — Oceania could join the Asian Olympic family in the not-too-distant future, Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah said on Sunday.  Oceania's 18 federations will feature in the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games for the first time in Turkmenistan's capital Ashgabat. If that proves to be a success, Sheikh Ahmad said, the next could be for Oceania to participate in the Asian Winter Games and possibly even host a future Asian Beach Games. "I think we have an opportunity," Sheikh Ahmad said. "Why not the Indoor Games as a first exercise? If it's successful, I think we can also jump to the winter sports." "Let us do it step by step. They have all those athletes in winter sports and they only have the Olympic Games. Maybe it will be the corridor for their preparations." "Then we will think for further sports. Maybe the Beach Games because they have very interesting beaches. We hope it will be a new success story." Arguably the most influential man in world sport, Sheikh Ahmad also endorsed Doha and Dubai as legitimate future Summer Olympic host cities. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup. "Doha has shown the potential to host the Games," he said. "Doha has already hosted the Asian Games; 90 percent of the cities that have hosted the Olympics started with the Asian Games -- Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul." "(Doha) didn't qualify for the shortlist but they showed the potential. They have the facilities, they have the finance s...  

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