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Curable cancers provide hope to patients

New progress in treating cancers is bringing hope to patients as malignancies once terrifying become treatable, thanks to research and earlier detection.“There have been major advances in many different kinds of cancer,” says Dr. Marion Trybula, who specializes in hematology, internal medicine, and medical oncology. “Even with the ones thought to be incurable in the past, people are living two and three times as long, with those cancers becoming chronic diseases for many people,” such as multiple myeloma. Leukemia has long been highly curable in children in most cases, but now is also becoming more curable in adults, “an important advancement, because for older adults especially, leukemia can be devastating,” says Trybula, whose practice is at Premier Oncology & Hematology in Merrillville, Ind.He says there are several factors in determining curability. Among them are the type of cancer, the location, the stage at which it’s diagnosed, and the age of the patient.Mary Shields, administrator of the Community Cancer Research Foundation through Community Healthcare System, notes that a relatively new drug is demonstrating effectiveness for some cancers. “Chronic myelogenous leukemia is a type that was very difficult to treat, with not a long survival rate. Through research, Gleevec (chemical name imatinib) is an effective drug for certain cancers, including some rare ones. The survival rate is substantially improved.&#x...  

Why Twitter Is Paying For Your Cell Phone Number

The preconfigured button that Twitter will provide to app makers through its new service Digits (Image via Twitter wants to gain a bigger presence in the lives of consumers, and so from today it’s going behind the scenes of how we connect to our smartphone apps. The most obvious route? Our phone numbers. On Wednesday it launched a new mobile platform for developers called Fabric, and a core feature called Digits that foots the bill to send costly registration texts. Consumers won’t know about Digits because it will work entirely in the back-end. You’ll probably never see the name Twitter when you use it — only a button, like the one above, that says “use my phone number” when you register for an app. But the service is a crucial selling point for developers, and one that could help Twitter gain a bigger presence in mobile. Digits lets app developers register users with just their cell phone numbers, avoiding the cumbersome need for passwords. In processing those numbers, Twitter gets access to them too. That could help Twitter get a better read on who those users are, to better target them with ads through its MoPub advertising network. Twitter did not reply to questions about exactly how it would process or possibly store user phone numbers. It also does not discuss what it will do with user phone numbers in its blog post about Fabric and Digits. SMS registration is a ve...  

Inbox for Gmail: hands-on and first impressions

Google this afternoon announced Inbox for Gmail, its all-new emailing solution that is intended to coexist with the regular Gmail platform. Inbox for Gmail is available on an invite only basis for Android, iOS and Chrome. I am fortunate enough to have received an invite to Inbox for Gmail, and I have been giving the iPhone app a rundown to see how it works. For the most part, Inbox is everything that you know and love about Gmail in a sleeker package. For those that have a love-hate relationship with email, which is probably just about everyone, Inbox has a more organized and intuitive user interface for achieving the elusive “Inbox Zero.” Inbox enables users to add their own reminders to the top of the inbox, can snooze away messages to be shown again at a later time and highlights important parts of emails like YouTube videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, flight statuses and package deliveries. The main Inbox view provides an overall look at your emails categorized into bundles including travel, purchases, finance, social, updates, forums and promos. If you use tabs on the desktop version of Gmail, then this will be a familiar experience. There are also unbundled sections for low priority or for any custom inboxes that you may have created. Overall, the organizational functionality of Inbox is fantastic. There are two additional views for “Snoozed” and “Done.” The former houses all of your emails until a ...  

Chikungunya Strikes in Canada - 201 Infected

Nsaa – Own workA case of the disease en:Chikungunya in The en:Philippines at en:MindanaoWhile much of the media’s attention has been on the threat of a possible Ebola outbreak in North America, almost no attention has been given to the outbreak of the mosquito-borne fever called “chikungunya”, which is Swahili for “walking while bent over”. The virus is mainly spread by the tiger mosquito which, as luck would have it, is a highly aggressive mosquito. This past December, health officials confirmed the first case in St. Martin. By the spring, there were 250,000 confirmed cases of the fever. By the fall, the number of cases rose to 800,000. Most of the confirmed cases have been in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The exact number of people smitten with chikungunya is not known, but the rule of thumb is for every confirmed case there are 10 others which have not sought medical attention. This could put the actual number of cases in the millions. Now, Health Canada has confirmed that 201 Canadians have taken ill with the malady which causes severe joint pain preventing people from walking upright – hence its name. Other symptoms include rash, nausea, muscle pain, headache, and fatigue. In every case, the people confirmed to have chikungunya had recently traveled into the Endemic regions of the Caribbean afflicted with the sickness. This means that for ...  

APEC finance chiefs see 'downside risks' to global economy

APEC, established in 1989, groups 21 economies spanning Asia, Oceania and North and South America. It includes the United States, China, Japan and Russia, emerging economies such as Mexico and Indonesia and small nations such as Brunei and ...  

Russia returns to the global REE scene with new processing technology

Scientists at Russia’s Ural Federal University have developed a method to extract rare earths from uranium mines. The new technology will be tested over the next three years as researchers believe that it could reduce the demand for rare earth imports in Russia by a third. The new process can be applied to most uranium mining operations and could, by extension, be applied worldwide. The newly developed method involves the injection of sulfuric acid into the soil, which dissolves uranium and rare earth metals. The revolutionary thing about this process is that the sorbent can allow for the selective extraction of uranium, rare earth metals or scandium, without affecting the quality of the uranium. The Russians have been working specifically on the sorbent. Researchers hope to develop the complicated technology so that it can be used in industry and beyond the extraction of rare earth metals, but also for the production of the whole range of their concentrates in the form of oxides and compositions, metals, alloys and finished products. Today, China controls 97 percent of rare earth metals (REE) exports and efforts by such companies as Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) and Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) have not had significant impact on reducing the world’s reliance on Chinese rare earths. Often, the People’s Republic was suspected of exploiting its quasi-monopoly and to manipulate prices and it was formally asked by the World Trade Organization to abide by international tra...  

Tickets assigned for Amsterdam Arena

Today Wednesday at 7.00 PM CET the period expired for applications for tickets for the Ajax v FC Barcelona game in the Champions League on Wednesday November 5. A total of 514 members, forming part of 219 applications, applied and they will all get ...  

Heritage volleyball denies East Wake in NCHSAA 2nd round

Heritage's Ally Harper (6) spikes the ball against the net defense from East Wake's Haley Glover (15) and Angel Rizor (3). East Wake took on Heritage High in the second round of the NCHSAA 4A volleyball playoffs in Wake Forest, N.C. on October 21, 2014.  

Vanessa's story: No one can make you leave; you have to do it for yourself

BETHESDA, Maryland, October 22, 2014 — Vanessa* is a survivor of domestic violence and pathological abuse living, fighting for her children and healing in The United States. I was very young when I entered the relationship. I was 21 when I met him. Before meeting him, I was social and outgoing. I was living at home at the time and going to community college and living my life to the fullest. I was not a partier and never went to bars. I mostly worked, went to school and did things with my friends. I had many friends, and most of them revolved around my job. I was happy with my life for the most part. In the beginning of the relationship, I was still that same happy-go-lucky, outgoing person. I was going to college and working and still hanging with my close friends. As weeks turned into months, I noticed that he was jealous of my friends and always wanted me to skip school and be with him. I thought it was sweet at first, but then he started making me feel bad about doing things without him. So i started changing my life to accommodate him and his feelings. He started growing jealous of my family and would be bothered if I did things with them. He started insisting on going places with me and driving me everywhere. At the time, these things got on my nerves, but I was blinded by so much. I started feeling trapped even though I had no real ties or obligations to him. Things continued this way for a while, and my friends and family were all screaming at me and pointin...  

Photography that's worth a thousand words

From capturing the perfect moment between couples or the vibrant personality of a high school senior, local photographer Rachel Waldmer has done it all. Whether on location or at her Poynette studio, A Thousand Words Photography, Waldmer memorializes all of life’s important occasions. She says those memories - senior portraits, engagement sessions and family photography - are all special in various ways. “Each one has different aspects that are really nice, but weddings are my favorite because I’m a big softy,” she says. “All the touching moments really get to me. It’s very meaningful when a couple chooses me to document the most important day of their life.” Passion pursued The Montello native has been passionate about capturing memories on film since she was little when her father first introduced her to photography. In high school she pursued creativity through various art classes but had to wait until junior year to enroll in photography. “I was always kind of artsy but I wasn’t really good doing stuff with my hands,” Waldmer says. “After that (photography class) I knew that’s what I wanted to do.” After graduation, Waldmer pursued her passion at Madison Area Technical College (MATC) graduating in 2010 with an Associate Degree of Applied Arts in Photography and Technical Diploma in Small Business Entrepreneurship in 2011. Before going into business for herself, ...  

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