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Photo gallery: Dancing for the arts on Give Miami Day

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Diving In- Herkimer College Swimming and Diving Team

Coach Vicki Brown looks for four things if you want to join her team; "There are four things I am looking for from my student athletes. I'm looking for people who love the sport, I'm looking for people who want to be part of a team, I'm looking for folks who are committed and willing to work hard. If they can give me those four things they will be successful in my program."And those requirements are the same whether you've been in the pool your whole life or are just starting out. Coach Vicki Brown will take athletes from any background, but she does smile if you mention one particular sport; "I really like when I get runners because they have the endurance for the sport of swimming. Training and running is similar because of that breathing technique."Although sports transplants find their way to the pool. They quickly learn this is not an easy sport. However, veteran swimmer Brandon Paul tells them the transition can be made if they put in the work; "First we tell them it's not going to be easy because it's not an easy sport, but we tell them to hang through it you know. Just try it out and do your best. And if you do your best, and pay attention, and work hard then swimming just comes naturally."Newcomer Victoria Bemiss ran with that message and explained, she's already improved;"Because I played soccer my whole life I had no upper body strength. My first practice I couldn't even swim a lap to now I can swim like 5 100's. Not fast but I can finish them, and I can do it now...  

Nasa sends Curiosity rover to investigate rocky ledge on Mars

Nasa has dubbed  rocky ledge the 'Pink Cliffs' and wants to examine how it seems to resist wind erosionHas sent Curiosity rover to examine the area - and it could even drill into them  Nasa has sent its Curiosity rover to investigate a mysterious set of rocks they have dubbed the 'pink cliffs'They form a strange ledge that Nasa is keen to examine, and possibly drill into.It is hoped the unique formation could give clues to how Mars formed.Scroll down for video This small ridge, about 3 feet (1 meter) long, appears to resist wind erosion more than the flatter plates around it, and has been dubbed the 'pink cliff'. This image combines several frames , and the colour has been altered to resemble how it would appear on Earth. MOUNT SHARP ON MARS  This view is a mosaic of exposures acquired by Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam) shortly before a two-week walkabout up the outcrop, scouting to select which targets to examine in greater detail during a second pass. This small ridge, about 3 feet (1 meter) long, appears to resist wind erosion more than the flatter plates around it. Such differences are among the rock characteristics that NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is examining at selected targets at the base of Mount Sharp.The ridge pictured here, called 'Pink Cliffs,' is within the 'Pahrump Hills' outcrop forming part of the basal layer of the mountain. 'We see a diversity of textures in this outcrop -- some parts finely layered and fine-grained, others ...  

The Magical Thought That's Assumed in Climate Studies

Here's one way to phrase the basic climate change conundrum: There's a huge gap between the volume of pollution emitted every year and how much scientists say we can safely send aloft. This has a weird implication for potential fixes governments may need in the future.Emission levels in 2020 could end up about 23 percent higher than what scientists suggest is safe, according to an annual study of the so-called "emissions gap" put out by the UN Environment Program. The carbon overshoot could grow by 2030 to 40 percent."Safe" means what the UN-led climate negotiators have defined it to mean: warming of less than two degrees Celsius above global average temperatures from the beginning of the record, or around 1880. But two degrees doesn't say much to normal people when you're talking about the temperature of a planet. That's why scientists have been beating their heads against walls the last several years to translate "two degrees Celsius" into something incrementally more intelligible -- more intelligible even than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.They've come up with the idea of a carbon budget, or the volume of pollution we can put into the atmosphere and still have a halfway decent chance of containing the problem. At the rate we're going, the budget may burn up by the 2040s. Now, in finance, the notion of a budget deficit make sense. When someone overspends, he pays the money back at a later date. Ecological deficits make less sense. How do you pay the ground back in carbon minerals...  

AC Milan vs. Inter Milan: How the Nerazzurri Should Line Up in Serie A Game

Antonio Calanni/Associated Press Speculation about how Inter will line up against city rivals Milan took on a whole new level of interest when coach Walter Mazzarri was sacked during the international break and replaced with former Nerazzurri gaffer Roberto Mancini. Just as Mazzarri seemed to be settling on his favoured starting XI in 2014-15, he was given the boot by club directors. Now starting positions are up for grabs once more. The first major change likely to be implemented is a switch away from Mazzarri's 3-5-2 system. Mancini should look to play four at the back, which means a rethink all across the park. The first dilemma facing the 49-year-old manager is which, if any, of the three regularly starting centre-backs will need to be dropped. Juan Jesus has arguably been in the best form of the three this season, and should be safe. Andrea Ranocchia is club captain and has been reasonably solid so far this campaign.  Marco Luzzani/Getty Images Roberto Mancini is back Nemanja Vidic, meanwhile, was the star signing of the summer and has bucketloads of experience at the highest level, though he has been guilty of some glaring errors in his short time in Italian football. The most likely scenario, then, is that Vidic is dropped to the bench and Ranocchia and Jesus occupy the centre-back roles against Milan. Dodo has been in excellent form and is a certain starter on the left. If Mancini does not want to drop Vidic, he could opt to move Jesus to the left side of defenc...  

Franklin Institute astronomer touts 'the power of science'

Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2014 6:15 pm | Updated: 6:26 pm, Thu Nov 20, 2014. "I try to help people see that science is exciting and fun," astronomer Derrick Pitts said. Pitts, the chief astronomer and director of the Fels Planetarium at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, was speaking Thursday afternoon to about 50 central Pennsylvania high school students taking a break after their 2014 Science Knowledge Competition examination at Millersville University. To them, Pitts posed a question: "Why are you interested in science?" "I just like learning everything I can," said Alex Wege, who attends Lancaster Country Day School. Maya Reinhart, of J.P. McCaskey High School in the School District of Lancaster, said she wants to find out "what we can accomplish that hasn't been done." Pitts liked those answers. "I only have 100 years on this planet. There's so much I want to learn," he said. "There's so much work to be done." Pitts' day at Millersville included a 1 p.m. lecture to more than 100 School District of Lancaster and Intermediate Unit 13 students and the 7 p.m. Brossman Lecture to the Millersville community and the general public on "The New Universe." His conversation with the competition students touched on his personal background, his goals, and his views on the state of science in America. Here are five highlights: • Pitts says he has the best job in the world. "Science has given me an amazing career," he said. He gets to travel the world, design pla...  

Almost perfect

FC Barcelona are busy preparing for Saturday's game against Sevilla (8PM CET) at Camp Nou with their international players now all back with the squad. They are up against a side who have begun the season well and are currently in fifth place in the table.  

Clarksville schools meet technology goals

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. The Clarksville-Montgomery County School system has met their goal to update the technology in schools across the district to prepare for future online assessments.In the summer, CMCSS leased and installed approximately 3,000 Dell computers and lease-to-purchased 500 Apple computers for a four-year term from Apple Inc.Over the summer, computers and new hardware were installed for high speed internet connection in schools.“The reason we did this was to be in compliance with state testing,” said David Holman, chief technology officer for CMCSS. “State testing is going digital.”The technology updates were originally made to come into compliance with the Partnership of Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment. Inn the spring, Tennessee halted its transition to the PARCC.Despite the delay, CMCSS continued to work toward bringing the school system up to speed for online testing and will be ready when an assessment is adopted in the near future.Among several requirements, PARCC required a school to have enough computers for every student in the largest grade level to take assessments, a requirement CMCSS has met.CMCSS has one device available for every students in the largest grade level at every school.Computers that were seven to eight years old in middle and high schools were replaced with the new ones.Middle and high schools have mobile labs or moveable carts with laptops that can be checked out and used an...  

Iraq: UN envoy sees inclusive political process as critical to resolving crisis

20 November 2014 – As Iraq struggles to deal with the increasing security threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as well as with dire financial and humanitarian conditions, the United Nations envoy to the country has cited an inclusive political process as vital to finding comprehensive solutions. In an interview with UN Radio, Nickolay Mladenov, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), said that there is “general agreement,” not just in the UN but in Iraq as well, that the security element of dealing with ISIL is one part of the solution, but is not the comprehensive solution to the problems facing the country. “What also needs to happen is a political process, and a political process that allows for the various communities of Iraq to come back together,” Mr. Mladenov stressed. “The last decade has seen a lot of violence that has been driven by divisive politics, that [in turn] has been driven by the communities looking more inwardly rather than working together, and it is time now to address that,” he added. Indeed, he said, the new Government in Iraq is inclusive of all the political parties, and is embarking on an agenda of addressing some of the long-standing grievances that exist within Iraqi society, including those related to poverty, security, participation in decision-making and revenue-sharing. As such, the UN is working “intensely” with the Government of I...  

Russian Handball Fan Chick Was Obviously Raised By Gibbons

Rick Chandler 5:33 pm, November 20th, 2014 Russian handball: a sport I will never see in person. Because things like this happen: This woman was obviously raised by apes, and returned to society after being found by handball professionals on break from a tournament in Borneo. But remember this guy? It’s Evgeny Trefilov, head coach of the Russian women’s handball Olympic team. If you go to the right match, you could have this guy screaming on one ear, and Trefilov in the other. Then, back home for a nice warm bath where you will slit your wrists. ...  

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